How Our Product Rating System Works

Have you ever bought a product based on a positive review you read online? Then once you got it, you realized it was a piece of garbage?

Yeah, we’ve been there.

That’s why we spend a lot of time thoroughly testing any product we review at Milk Pick. That means going beyond just turning it on to see if it works. We run a variety of tests to see how well every product performs, so we don’t recommend garbage to you.

Here’s a look at what goes into our reviews and how our rating system works.

Our Criteria

These are the factors we consider when reviewing products.

Does it Deliver?

Does the product do what it says it can do? Does it fulfill the promises the company makes in its marketing?

How Well Does it Deliver?

A product may do what it says it does, but how well does it do it? For instance, all lawnmowers cut grass, but some do it better than others.

Wow Factor

Beyond doing what it says it can do, does it have anything that makes it stand out from similar products? For instance, a high-powered blender that’s also quiet would get some bonus points.


How well put together is the product? Does it feel cheap and flimsy, or does it use premium materials? We also consider durability.


It’s difficult to judge products based on price. A product shouldn’t get a higher score just because it costs less. So we look at value. How much value does the product provide relative to its price?

Milk Pick’s Rating System

Here’s an overview of what the rating number you see in our reviews means.

0-4.9: Terrible

This is a product we don’t recommend buying. It completely fails to deliver on its promise. Very few products that we take the time to review fall under this category.

5-5.9 - Meh

This is a product that technically does what it promises, but not very well. It severely underdelivered, and you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you feel like gambling.

6-6.9 - So-So

This is a product that we didn’t really like, but it’s a little better than mediocre. It wouldn’t be our first choice, but if someone gifted it to you or it’s the only option available, it’ll get the job done.

7-7.9 - Good

This is a product that delivers on its promise and gets the job done, but doesn’t blow us away. It probably works well for some people but isn’t for everyone. It’s like a movie you’d recommend people check out if it’s on Netflix, but it isn’t worth going to the theaters for.

8-8.9 - Great

This is a product that we think will be good for most people. It’s like a restaurant that 8/10 locals will recommend when you’re in a new city and ask for a good place to eat. If you buy it, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with your purchase.

9-9.9 - OMG

This is a product that not only delivers on its promise, but goes well beyond our expectations. It’s the type of product that you buy and start recommending to your friends and post about on social media.

10 - G.O.A.T

This is reserved for completely life-changing products. The stars were aligned when the company came up with the idea, and we can’t imagine how we functioned without it. We haven’t come across that product yet, but we’re on the hunt!