Banana Milk

Brain Health

Bananas are high in vitamin B6, which may improve brain health.


Banana milk is free from most common food allergens like nuts, gluten, and soy.

Bone Health

Banana milk is high in calcium, which may improve bone health. 

Banana milk is a creamy and delicious dairy-free milk substitute option that is also easy to make at home.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about this non-dairy milk, including: what banana milk is, the nutrition facts, how to make it at home, the benefits of banana milk, recipes, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about banana milk.

What is Banana Milk?

Banana milk is no longer just milk flavored like bananas. It's now a plant-based milk alternative as well. 

In its simplest form, this milk is just banana puree and water. However, many store-bought brands do add in other ingredients like oats. 

Reports of how this milk tastes will vary depending on the brand bought. Some brands of banana milk add cinnamon, and those brands are described as "liquid monkey bread." 

Those that buy the most basic type, though, describe it as being rich and silky smooth with an ap-peel-ing but not overwhelming banana taste. 

banana milk icon
  • Banana Milk Taste: Sweet with hints of banana.
  • Banana Milk Texture: Rich and silky smooth.

Banana Milk Nutrition Facts

Banana milk sounds excellent, but is it something you can go bananas with? The nutrition facts for this milk will vary based on the brand you buy or whether you make it at home.

However, we pulled the nutrition facts for one of the most popular store-bought banana milk products—Mooala.

Banana Milk Nutrition Facts













Trans Fat


Saturated Fat








The Benefits of Banana Milk

One of the most significant benefits of drinking banana milk is that most are nut-free and allergy-friendly.

You will still want to read labels before purchasing it if you have food allergies, but it should be easy to find a version that works for you (unless you're allergic to bananas). 

When you're looking at drinking banana milk, there have not been studies completed to determine the benefits. But, it's possible that the benefits will be similar to the benefits you get from eating bananas. 

Nutrients and Vitamins

Eating just one medium banana provides many nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Of the Daily Value you need, you'll get:

  • 25% of Vitamin B6
  • 9% of Potassium
  • 8% of Magnesium 

Each of these vitamins and nutrients comes with benefits that allow bananas to boost your health in other ways.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has many benefits, including boosting your mood, brain health, reducing the risk for cancer, heart health, and more. However, your body can't produce vitamin B6. This means you need to get it from what you eat and supplements. 


Potassium is another nutrient that your body doesn't produce naturally. You will need to get potassium from your diet. It's essential to your health to get enough potassium; however, it can also be dangerous if you get too much. 

If your kidneys are healthy, they will help to maintain the right level of potassium in your diet. But, if you have kidney problems, you might need to take it easy on the bananas. 

Studies have looked at the role of potassium in managing blood pressure. They have found that potassium can help to decrease blood pressure in individuals who are hypertensive. This helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes related to high blood pressure.


Magnesium is a nutrient that many people don't get enough of in their diet. Around 50 percent of Americans get less than they need on a daily basis. 

Magnesium can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, decrease inflammation, and more. A study found that individuals with a higher level of circulating magnesium have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

It was noted that this mainly applied to ischemic heart disease and coronary heart disease. 

Magnesium has also been shown to play a role in the inflammation response. Chronic inflammation can increase the risk of various diseases. 

While the complete role of magnesium still needs to be looked at more when it comes to inflammation, it has been noted that individuals with magnesium deficiencies do tend to have increased inflammation

Resistant Starch

Bananas also contain resistant starch. Resistant starch passes through your intestines unchanged because of the fact that it's resistant to digestion. It is believed that resistant starch can have many benefits, including feeding healthy gut bacteria and improving digestion. 

There have also been promising studies that have looked at the benefits of resistant starch on various disease processes, including diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity. 

The Downsides of Banana Milk

Banana milk is an excellent choice for the benefits it provides and because it's allergy-friendly. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't potential downsides as well. 

There are some things you should keep in mind regarding how much you consume. 

Carbs and Sugars

Bananas are a carb, and they have natural sugar. While natural sugars are better for you than refined sugars, they will still affect your body, including causing a spike in your blood sugar. 

If you're making banana milk at home, avoid adding sugar, and look for brands in the store without added sugar. If you do choose banana milk, make sure you drink it in moderation and watch your portion sizes. 


Do you need to limit potassium in your diet? This is something that's common in individuals with kidney disease. 

If so, you should make sure to limit the amount of banana milk you drink. 

How To Make Banana Milk

Are you ready to go bananas? You don't need to buy pre-made banana milk. You can make it at home yourself in a few simple steps. 

making banana milk


  • One Banana
  • One Cup of Water
  • Sweetener (optional)

Equipment Needed

  • Blender
banana milk icon

If you want to jazz up your banana milk, you can add extra ingredients like maple syrup, nut butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, flax seeds, chia, sea salt, or dates. If you want your banana milk to be sweet, be sure that your bananas are ripe. 


Step 1

Slice up your banana and freeze it. You don't have to, but it will help with the consistency of your milk.

Step 2

Add your banana and water to a blender and blend.

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Unlike other types of plant-based milk, you generally don't need to strain banana milk because bananas doesn't contain seeds or a fibrous shell that needs to be filtered out. Your end result should be a smooth watery-like consistency.

Banana Milk Recipes

How do you use banana milk? You could always go for the classic cereal or granola and milk; however, if you're looking to get creative, we have some ideas for you. 

Keep in mind that banana milk will have a natural sweetness, so you will want to use it in recipes that allow for that. 

recipes with banana milk

Banana Milk Vegan Pancakes

If you love banana pancakes, try making your next batch with banana milk. The good news is that if you already have a favorite pancake recipe, you can just add banana milk to it. 

However, if you're looking for an excellent vegan pancake, check these out

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

If you're a fan of overnight oats, you can do this with your favorite recipe. Put your overnight oats together like you normally would; however, instead of adding water or milk, swap it out for banana milk. 

This strawberry overnight oats recipe calls for almond milk. But, swapping that for banana milk will create a smooth and creamy strawberry banana breakfast. 

Make a Smoothie

Smoothies are great for a snack, pre-workout, post-workout, or even breakfast. Adding in protein powder can give it the extra kick of protein you need. 

If you want to make the perfect smoothie, the possibilities are endless. Toss your favorite ingredients in your blender, and then instead of adding your normal liquid, pour in banana milk.

Banana Milk Creamer

If you're looking for a dairy-free creamer, this could be a good choice. Try using banana milk in your coffee next time you brew a cup.  

Have Fun With Baked Goods

Do you have baked goods that call for milk? Try swapping it out with banana milk instead. This might take a little experimenting to see where you enjoy it and where you should find something else. 

banana milk faq

Banana Milk FAQ

Just in case you have more questions about Banana Milk, we've put together a quick FAQ section. This will answer some of the frequently asked questions about banana milk. 

Is Banana Milk Good for You? 

Banana milk is good for you. With the nutrients and vitamins provided, it can help boost your health in surprising ways. However, remember that sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. 

Drink banana milk in moderation if you need to watch your sugar or potassium. 

What Are the Benefits of Banana Milk? 

Banana milk contains vitamins and nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, and resistant starch. Each of these nutrients and vitamins comes with its own benefits. 

What Happens if You Mix Banana and Milk? 

Who doesn't like a bowl of cheerios with milk and bananas cut up in it? However, mixing bananas and milk could disturb your digestion, according to Ayurveda medicine. They believe it can diminish your Agni or fire

Agni in Ayurveda medicine is responsible for the digestion and metabolism of food. In addition, the calories in banana and milk combined can add up quickly. This can, over time, cause weight gain. 

Is Banana Milk Healthier than Regular Milk? 

There is a significant difference between banana milk and regular milk. However, if you can't drink regular milk, it could be a great option as a milk substitute in moderation. In addition, banana milk is fat-free and has fewer calories than regular milk. 

However, you will be losing out on calcium, protein, and Vitamin D. 

Is Banana Milk Still a Thing? 

Yes, banana milk is still a thing. The good news about this milk alternative is that you can easily make it yourself at home or choose to purchase it pre-made.

Go Bananas!

So, what is banana milk? Banana milk is the combination of water and banana puree to create a milk that can get used in many recipes. Have fun with some of the recipes above, and enjoy the benefits of the nutrients and vitamins provided by bananas. 

If you're wanting to learn more about non-dairy milk options and what you can do with them, visit more of our posts.