Is There Milk in a Frosty?

Written by: Kelly Donovan

You pull into Wendy's drive-thru, look at their menu and see their classic, fan-loved frosty. But you might be wondering, is there milk in a Frosty? 

Wendy's Frostys are not dairy-free. Milk and cream are some of the main ingredients of a classic Frosty. 

While delicious, Wendy's Frostys are not dairy-free.

In this article, you will learn more about why Wendy's uses milk and other dairy products in their Frostys, how much dairy is in it, and whether it is the right dessert for you. 

Is There Milk in a Frosty?

All Frostys have milk as the first and main ingredient. 

Because of the light taste, a Frosty has, many people think it might not contain dairy. This myth is not true. Wendy's Frosty relies on milk for its great taste and texture. 

The Frosty appeared on the original menu as one of five items a customer could order when Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas, opened his first store. Frosty's original name was the "Frosty Dairy Dessert." 

The frozen dessert is traditionally a light chocolate flavor, but in 2006 a vanilla version was introduced. Both have become a staple on Wendy's menu- but neither have lactose-free options. 

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What are Other Dairy Products in a Frosty?

Besides milk, Frosty also contains cream. The cream helps to thicken the Frosty to create a light, airy texture. 

If you are lactose-intolerant or looking for dairy-free options, check out this article on how to replace cow's milk with almond milk in your day-to-day life. 

How Much Dairy is in a Frosty?

While a Frosty is not a lactose-free friendly dessert, it is not as high in lactose as other similar dessert options. 

Studies have shown that the average lactose intolerant person can tolerate up to 12 grams of dairy at one time or 24 grams daily. Twelve grams of liquids averages to about 8 ounces. 

If you are lactose intolerant, you might be able to enjoy a 6-ounce junior Frosty without getting an upset tummy. 

If you want to avoid cow milk entirely, but treat yourself to a tasty dessert, check out this delicious whipped almond milk recipe.

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Is a Frosty Ice Cream?

One of the biggest myths about Frostys is that they are ice cream.

The company makes it look like ice cream when they market it, making you think about it as you bite into the smooth, frosted treat. 

Frosty’s are not ice cream because they only contain 4% milk fat.

To be considered ice cream, a product has to have at least 10% milk fat. Because of this, Wendy's cannot legally call their Frosty's ice cream. 

Ice cream would cause a Frosty to have more dairy and feel heavier.

Instead of using ice cream, employees make Frosty's with a classic shake mix.

This shake mix is what helps it get a soft, light texture. 

Final Thoughts

So is there milk in a Frosty?

Frosty’s are made with dairy products, such as milk and cream, to create distinct textures.

However, Wendy's uses less dairy in their Frostys by using shake mixes instead of ice cream.

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