Is There Milk in Hamburger Buns?

Written by: Kelly Donovan

If you want to enjoy a nice juicy hamburger, you need a soft buttery bun to go with it!

However, if you want to avoid milk or dairy, you may want to rethink some of your hamburger bun choices.

Not all brands of hamburger bun contain milk; however, some do, including Pepperidge Farm, Martin’s Potato Rolls, Sara Lee, and Franz. Martin’s and Pepperidge Farm hamburger buns contain nonfat milk, which may be a better choice if your goal is to reduce the fat in your diet.

In this article, you’ll learn about the potential dairy content in hamburger buns and some non-dairy options, including tips on making your own hamburger buns. 

Do Hamburger Buns Contain Dairy?

There are many brands of hamburger buns that contain dairy products, whether it be milk, butter, or cream.

If you find yourself in the bread aisle wondering which hamburger buns to get, consider whether or not you need to avoid dairy because about half of the buns on the shelf will probably not be dairy free. 

Brands like Sara Lee, Nature’s Own, and Pepperidge Farm have hamburger buns made with some form of dairy. 

If you see Hawaiian hamburgers made by almost any brand, they most likely have milk and butter in them unless they are labeled vegan. 

Also, be aware of hamburger buns that do not list any dairy products in the ingredients but are made in a facility that manufactures dairy-containing products like Ball Park and Brownberry.

homemade hamburger buns on cutting board

Are There Any Non-Dairy Hamburger Buns?

Don’t despair if you need to find a non-dairy option for hamburger buns!

They exist and are not as difficult to find as other non-dairy foods. 

Here are some brands that sell non-dairy hamburger buns:

  • Wonder Bread 
  • Arnold
  • Dave’s Killer Bread
  • Rudi’s Bakery 
  • Food for Life 
  • Whole Foods 365

You can even make your hamburger buns without the milk and butter. 

This video from The Kampung Vegan shows you how to make delicious fluffy vegan hamburger buns without milk or eggs!

Do I Need to Use Milk to Make Homemade Hamburger Buns?

 You don’t even need milk to make homemade hamburger buns – water, yeast, and flour are the essential ingredients that will give you what you need.

However, milk can help add a rich flavor to the buns, but almond milk and coconut milk can be easily substituted for cow’s milk. 

Both of these plant-based milks can bring their own unique qualities to your hamburger buns. 

Coconut milk can create a sweet flavor that mimics Hawaiian rolls without sacrificing your vegan values or lactose-rejecting stomach. 

On the other hand, almond milk is packed with protein and calcium, delivering some of your nutritional needs in just one hamburger bun. 

If you can stomach dairy but just need to avoid milk, substituting it with butter and water can also be a good option when making homemade hamburger buns.

About the Author

Kelly Donovan is a freelance writer. She enjoys helping people reach their wellness goals by educating them about how food plays a role in their health.