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Here are our picks for the best non-dairy milk for every type of smoothie!

The Best Non-Dairy Milk For Smoothies

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Milk made in a lab? Here’s what to know about lab-grown milk!

What is Lab Milk? (Should You Drink It?)

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Producing milk isn’t always great for the environment. Here are the best types of milk for the environmentally conscious.

Which Plant Based Milk Is Best for the Environment?

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Contrary to popular belief, plant based milk can be a source of calcium. Try these.

Which Plant-Based Milk Has the Most Calcium?

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Non-dairy milk is packed with nutrients and vitamins. But you need to choose the right one.

What’s The Healthiest Non-Dairy Milk?

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With a bevy of plant-based milks to choose from, here’s how to pick one with enough protein to suit your dietary needs.

What Plant Based Milk Has the Most Protein?

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Vegans drink milk, but not the kind you might think. Here’s what you need to know.

Do Vegans Drink Milk?

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No, it’s not a misspelling. Mylk is a real thing. Here’s what it means.

What is Mylk?

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Can vegan milk give you the relief you need from spicy food like dairy milk? Here’s the scoop.

Does Vegan Milk Help With Spicy Food?

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Have you ever wondered why plant-based milk is more expensive than cow milk? Here’s the “secret”.

Why is Plant Based Milk More Expensive?