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Best Plant-Based Milk For Coffee!

We tested six types of non-dairy milk with coffee to see which combo was the best. Check out our results!

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Feyza Kirmaci

Enjoy these three epic (dairy-free) smoothies made with almond milk!

Almond Milk Smoothies (3 Recipes)
Leeonney Bentick

Try these delicious vegan waffles made with almond milk!

Almond Milk Waffles
Feyza Kirmaci

These almond milk pancakes are dairy-free and as fluffy as the pancakes you grew up on!

Almond Milk Pancakes
Elena Contis

Here’s how to heat up almond milk in the microwave or stove without burning it!

Can You Heat Up Almond Milk?
Cait Charles

There’s a lot of mixed opinions on whether or not Oatly is good for you. Here’s our unbiased opinion.

Is Oatly Bad For You? (An Unbiased Opinion)
Elena Contis

Here’s how to thicken almond milk for any recipe!

How to Thicken Almond Milk

Learn More About Milk

This is probably more than anyone needs to know about milk.

Non-Dairy Milk

New to plant-based milk? These guides will teach you everything you need to know!

Dairy Milk

Old school dairy milk drinker? These guides will help you learn more about traditional milk.

Find The Right Milk

Not sure which milk is right for you? These guides will help you choose the best type of milk for your needs.

Milk Comparisons

Almond, coconut, cashew, oat? Here's how the most popular non-dairy milks stack up.