Is there Milk in Egg Rolls?

Written by: Kelly Donovan

A friend of mine asked me a strange question, Is there milk in egg rolls? I didn't have an answer for him then, so I did some research.

Egg rolls don’t contain milk; in most cases, they’re dairy-free. However, it would be a smart move to check the packaging for any traces of dairy products when you’re out grocery shopping or ask the waiter if you’re at a restaurant.

The idea of egg rolls being dairy-free might be confusing for you since the product's very name contains egg, hinting at a dairy product.

For this purpose, this article will talk about egg rolls and whether they have any trace of milk or dairy.

Do Egg Rolls Contain Milk?

Egg rolls usually don’t contain milk. Most brands focus on egg roll wrappings made purely of wheat flour, water, coconut oil, and salt, making it a safe option for everyone to eat.

However, some people add milk to egg roll wrappers to give them a rich taste.

Other times milk can be used instead of water to hold the wrapping together and seal it.

These wrappings are filled mostly with cabbage, pork, chicken, soy sauce, and other fillings before they are deep fried.

four eggrolls on paper with sauce in background

Do Egg Rolls Contain Dairy?

Unlike egg noodles, egg rolls, despite their name, do not necessarily require eggs as an ingredient.

Even though the traditional recipe contains eggs for the dough, most people don’t use it anymore.

They prefer wrapping meat and vegetables in rice paper wrappers.

This doesn’t mean that all egg rolls are dairy free.

Some dough recipes still mix eggs with flour because they believe that is the best way.

Therefore, we suggest looking at the ingredients if you buy wrappers from a store or asking the restaurant if you’re ordering them.

You don’t need to worry about other dairy products like cheese and butter being included since they are not usually paired up with egg rolls.

To be extra safe, you can make your own egg rolls at home to keep them 100% vegan. Here's a recipe from Papaya Petite.

And here are a few more from Make it Dairy Free!

Are Egg Rolls Vegan?

Egg rolls can sometimes be vegan, but that is not always the case.

Many egg roll wrappings contain eggs; others have meat in them, an example of which is ground pork.

However, since eggs are not always a staple ingredient, if you come across an egg roll without meat, there is a good chance of it being vegan.

three eggrolls stacked on cutting board


Egg rolls are a good food option if you want a milk-free and dairy-free treat. It is rare for them to contain eggs and even less likely for there to be milk.

Egg rolls are a classic dish, perfect for many occasions worldwide. They come in various options, whether vegan, non-vegan, dairy inclusive, or dairy free.

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